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SculptureCiti® Studio is an art workshop of garden sculptures, life-size statues, indoor and outdoor carving masterworks made in sandstone, ceramics and bronze. We offer unique combinations of human, architectural and animal sculptures for your home and garden. We create rare and one of a kind artwork and sculpture masterworks in sandstone, ceramics and bronze >> more..


information on materials that we use to create our sculptures, statues and wall arts >> more..
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SculptureCiti® offers original carvings, life-size statues, decorative sculptures and artwork crafted by genius Thai artisans. Custom commissioned designs, replicas and sculpture fabrications are available upon client's request. Every item we make is an original and authentic product. It is genuine and the only one made by SculptureCiti® Studio. Each item has been newly built by a skilled artisan. No two sculptures are identical, thus making each one of a kind. Only authentic hand carving is performed, no routers or machine tools of any type are used. Our studio adds the benefits of modern management to the ancient traditions of Thai craftsmanship to bring you the best in quality and value >> more..
Sculpture :: an art of producing in three dimensions, representations of natural or imagined forms. It includes sculpture in the round, which can be viewed from any direction, as well as incised relief, in which the lines are cut into a flat surface. Sculpture Techniques and Materials: Sculpture embraces such varied techniques as modeling, carving, casting, and construction techniques that materially condition the character of the work. Whereas modeling permits addition as well as subtraction of the material and is highly flexible, carving is strictly limited by the original block from which material must be subtracted. Carvers, therefore, have sometimes had recourse to construction in which separate pieces of the same or different material are mechanically joined together. Casting is a reproduction technique that duplicates the form of an original whether modeled, carved, or constructed, but it also makes possible certain effects that are impractical in the other techniques. Top-heavy works that would require external support in clay or stone can stand alone in the lighter-weight medium of hollow cast metal >> more..
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Our works of art transform the atmosphere wherever they are placed >> more..
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