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SculptureCiti® is an art studio creating original and unique, hand carved sculpture replicas, stone statues, garden statues, stone sculpture, stone fountains and relief wall carvings. We offer delivery to most international destinations. We supply the highest quality sculptures, usually only seen in museums or art galleries at an affordable price. SculptureCiti® creates custom sculptures, life-size statues, large garden pottery and wall plaques to our or clients specifications. Each quality stone sculpture is a unique work of art, a "one-off" that will last for thousand of years. >> more..
Life-Size Sculptures Statues and Antique Pottery

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SculptureCiti® Studio is an art workshop of garden sculptures, life-size statues, antique pottery, relief wall carvings, fountains, waterfalls and carving masterworks made in bronze and sandstone. We offer unique combinations of human and animal sculptures for your home and garden...
Antique Ceramic Pottery & Large Bronze Sculptures
Our highly-skilled artists render their works with a precision which gives our pieces the air of authenticity. The magic of the ancient world comes back to life in the skilled hands of our sculptors. Using their knowledge of Chinese, Egyptian, Gothic, Greek, Khmer, Indian, Mayan, Persian and Roman artistic styles, our sculptors create replicas which have the aura and power of ancient artifacts >> more..
We create one of a kind artwork and sculpture masterworks in sandstone, bronze, terra-cotta and ceramics, many of which are replicas of rare pieces. We offer original carvings, supreme statues and decorative sculptures and artwork crafted by genius Thai artists. Custom commissioned designs, replicas and sculpture fabrication is available on request >> more..
WoodCiti® Group Thailand
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Our works of art transform the atmosphere wherever they are placed >> more..
Hindu and Indian Wall Carvings
Royal Metal Gate
Royal Driveway Gate - Special Offer

Reproduction Work: with the marks of antiquity created through special techniques, our replicas become indistinguishable from true antiques >> more..

WoodCiti® Group Thailand
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