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Garden Sculptures made in Sandstone Terra-Cotta Ceramics Bronze
SculptureCiti® is an art studio for those who love the beauty of art. We're a leading sculpture, fountain, waterfall and pottery creator in Thailand. We create unique life-size sculptures in sandstone, bronze and in terra-cotta. We are the only custom sculpture studio in Thailand. We showcase the works of art which are appropriate for outdoor and indoor installations >> more..
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Sandstone Sculptures :: will withstand rain and sun. This Art can be shared with those that walk or ride by, whether it is installed in a public setting or tucked into a small garden. Art in the garden can be formal or completely whimsical. Gardens and public spaces are about discovery. It's always a pleasure to find a large sculpture serving as a focal point in a public space or to walk down a small garden path and happen upon an intriguing new plant or an unexpected sculpture tucked in a small niche >> more..


Our mission :: whether you are looking for a large relief carving, bronze statue, fountain, waterfall, antique pottery or a life-size stone sculpture or other antiquities, you will find it all here under one roof. Our mission is to recreate and deliver the best of ancient sculpture arts to the modern admirer. We hope that your visit to our galleries is enjoyable and thank you for shopping with us >> more..

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Here at SculptureCiti® the timeless beauty and elegance of antiquity is very much alive >> more..
Hindu and Indian Wall Carvings
In modern times of fast-paced technology and mass production, when it is rare to find unique art masterpieces of unparalleled excellence and craftsmanship, SculptureCiti® Studio stands out as an exception >> more..
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